At Will-Moor we take great pride for having a place for every child in our many programs.  We have coaches that use gymnastics as the medium for children to learn.  We strive to give each child great fun and safe gymnastics, plus fitness programs that promote good health and personal esteem for a lifetime.

When bringing your child for class please be mindful of these rules: GYM GUIDELINES

Please note that we run a 12 month program which enables our current students to enjoy classes throughout the summer enabling them continued progression in the sport of gymnastics. New students may sign up at any time with our rolling enrollment and remember to call and arrange for a free trial class!

As with all trial & free classes please remember to call ahead to check availability of the class and don’t forget your signed waiver. You can download a waiver HERE for printing at home or you can come to class 15 minutes early to complete at the front desk.

Courtesy / Make up Classes: Students are entitled to only one make up class per month for an excused absence. Please call the front desk to inform them when you know you will be absent.

  • Summary Information
    • We offer one “courtesy class” (makeup) per month. This must be completed within the appropriate month.
    • We require a credit card or bank account on file, though payment by cash and check is accepted by your tuition payment date.
    • We require a 30 day withdraw notice. No make ups for holidays.
    • Register online at


Below you will see a listing of our classes broken down by age, ability and the duration of the class. Also listed are the days and times of classes for each group; please review these class listings and then speak to the front desk to sign up for available classes.



Super Kid program encourages your child to explore movement with their body.  Development of social skills is also encouraged.  All of the Olympic events are included within the lesson plan.  The lesson plan is designed to be age and ability appropriate.  You child will safely learn to roll, bounce, swing, develop balance, strength and flexibility.  These activities are, of course, accompanied with a LARGE DOSE OF FUN!

Super Tots  Walking to 2  years old – Parent & Tot 45 minutes
Super 3s 3 year olds 50 minutes
Super 4s 4 year olds 50 minutes
Super 5s 5 year olds 60 minutes


Click Here for Class Times



All activities and equipment used are age & ability appropriate. Lessons include tumbling, balance, swinging, jumping, rolling and running. Gymnastics is a combination of all the above. Will-Moor Gymnastics has teams on every level based on age, ability and skills, dedication and desire. Please inquire for further information.

1 Hour Classes 6 – 8 Year Old
1 1/2 Hour Classes 8 to 10 Years
2 Hour Classes 10 or Older


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