USAIGC Team Meet Schedule

The USAIGC began early in 1970’s. We created our own optional only competitive program and a USAIGC Code of Points that  follows our goals and objectives of intentionally slowing down the gymnasts learning curve and providing sound, safe and positive (fun) competitive gymnastics program. A competitive program that tackles the critical issues pertaining to competitive gymnastics: unnecessary over-training of gymnasts, increased demands of school, gymnasts inability to have an outside life with friends and family and athlete burn out. Our competitive program fits perfectly in this quickly changing competitive landscape.

*Please notice that the scratch dates when listed are the date that the HOST GYM must be notified BUT you must be approved by Jeanne BEFORE this date or you are NOT eligible for a refund. 

Tentative Meet Schedule (as of 06/22/17) Levels 6-10. Please remember that host gym can change this information at anytime so check back often.


Saturday, Dec 17: Jersey Shore Gymnastics  Results

Jan 13-15: Star Struck Invitational – Results

SUNDAY, JANUARY 29, 2017 – Manhattan Classic, Pier 29, NY  Results-Gold  Results-Silver  

February 10 -12 – Twilight Knight Invite, Rutgers (scratch date 01/20/17)

February 25 & 26 – Make a Wish Invitational, Freehold Elite  Results

March 4th and 5th – 1st Annual Jamie Stymiest Invitational –Results

March 19- Lucky Leprechaun, Star Bound Gymnastics Results  

SUNDAY, April 23 – Sandcastle Invitational, ACE Gymnastics Results

May 5 – State Championships, Freehold Elite

May 12 – Wildwood Beach Classic Championships, Wildwood

May 26-28 – Regional Championships, Wildwood

Silver 33.50, Gold 33.00, Platinum 33.00, Event Specialists 8.0

June 25 – June 29, 2017 – Word Championships, Reno, Nevada



We are using Google Calendar for all of team’s meet schedules. Please note that, depending on your internet connection it may take a few seconds to load into this page.   If you already have a gmail account you can add these events to your personal calendar.


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