Opened with limited capacity

Updated: September 5, 2020
gym open 9-14-20

With summer coming to an end and the fall approaching we are glad to announce that we will be resuming SOME of our classes.

We have more front desk availability to be able to answer all calls and gauge which classes we will be opening. Class sizes are definitely going to be modified and space will be limited. The best time to start inquiring about which classes are opening is between 3-8 weekdays calling 856-234-5292 or anytime by emial: 

Please follow the links below to see class schedules.

Super Tots: 18mo to 5yrs  Schedule

Recreational Classes 6+ yr  boys & girls Schedule

Tumbling & Tramp Class 6+ Schedule

WOW classes 6+ yr  boys & girls Schedule

We really do thank you for support and patience throughout this time. The most important thing is the safety of everyone in the gym, especially the children. We want to make sure that as we open classes back up that it is done properly and under the guidelines that are in place.

Keep checking this website and our social media as we will be posting more information and updating as things change. If you haven’t already started to follow us here are the links to join FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM
Thank you again and we can’t wait to see you soon!

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