USAIGC gymnasts heading to Worlds!

Updated: June 11, 2014

Will-Moor will have 6 gymnasts representing our team at the USAIGC 2014 World Championship Invitational.

USAIGC World Championships will be held in Orlando, FL from June 30 through July 3.  You can find more information about this competition by going to USAIGC’s official site.


Will-Moor is very proud to be sending the following gymnasts as representatives of our wonderful USAIGC program :

Platinum Level – Megan Donahue  (top center)

Platinum Level – Ashley Barrish  (bottom right)

Gold Level – Rachel Balzan  (top left)

Gold Level  – Brittney Raffo  (top right)

Silver Level – Bella Santosusso  (bottom left)

Silver Level – Leah Kellerman  (bottom center)


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