Congratulations Level 10s… They’re Heading to NATIONALS!

Updated: April 17, 2014

Congratulations to Will-Moor’s Level 10 gymnasts Marissa Toci, Danielle Doolin & Delaney Cahill for qualifying to 2014 JO Nationals.

On April  13, 2014 Will-Moor’s level 10 team competed at the Region VII Regional Level 10  Competition. This competition brings in the best level 10 gymnasts from NJ, PA, MD, VA, DE and WV to compete for the top 7 placements in each age group to advance to JO Nationals.

We are proud to say that ALL of our gymnasts who competed this weekend qualified in the top 7 of their group and will represent Will-Moor and Region VII at this years Nationals. Marissa Toci placed 6th in SR D, Danielle Doolin placed 6th and Delaney Cahill placed 7th both in SR B division.

Regional Meet Results 2014

Mariss Toci

VT: 9.55
UB:  9.325 /5th  place
BB: 9.50 / 2nd Place
FX: 9.375
AA: 37.75/ 6th place


Danielle Doolin

VT :  9.475
UB:   9.30
BB: 9.475 / 5th place
FX:  9.475
AA: 37.725 / 6th place


Delaney Cahill

VT : 9.30
UB: 9.05
BB: 9.35
AA: 37.200 / 7th place


What makes their accomplishment even better is that these 3 girls have been Will-Moor gymnasts since they were very young. They have been team mates together since level 4 way back in 2004. Marissa and Danielle will continue to be team mates in college where both will be attending University of New Hampshire as college gymnasts. Delaney is currently undecided on college.


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