Updated: February 8, 2018

2nd Annual-Meet Feb 24-25, 2018

  • Saturday, February 24
    • Session 1: IGC Copper 1, Copper 2, IGC Gold
      • Report: 7:70AM
      • Open Stretch: 8:00AM
    • Session 2: IGC Bronze, IGC Silver, IGC Platinum
      • Report: 12:20
      • Open Stretch: 12:30
    • Session 3: Levels 6-10, XCEL Platinum, XCEL Diamond
      • Report: 4:50
      • Open Stretch: 5:00
  • Sunday, February 25
    • Session 4: Levels 2-5, XCEL Bronze
      • Report: 8:50AM
      • Open Stretch: 9:00AM
    • Session 5: XCEL Silver, XCEL Gold
      • Report: 1:50
      • Open Stretch: 2:00

To the attendees of the Jamie Stymiest Meet:

We are very excited for our upcoming Jamie Stymiest Invitational February 24th & 25th! We would like to let our attending families know that we will be having an experienced and professional gymnastics photographer, Eric Matson Photography, capturing the magic of our meet.  The photography fee is $35, and includes all photos taken on two events (floor and beam). 

Click on “Events” for complete details and to register for photography. The direct link for the Jamie Stymiest Invitational 2018 is: http://www.empgymnastics.com/JSI.html

For any questions please call Eric Matson directly at 718.974.9049 and/or e-mail eric@empgymnastics.com

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