Cheer Excite Gets Recognized at Camp

Updated: September 9, 2014

Great Job Girls!

Makenna Albanese, Maddy Bortner, Michaela Murray, Gabby Pierre, Jacque Eichhorn,  Nyla Payton, Moriah Anthony, Ava Flamos and Taylor Hunt

Cheer Excite went to the National Cheerleaders Association’s sleep away summer camp for this first time this year at Bryn Mawr.  “It was such a great bonding experience”, said one of the girls.  It was not only a great bonding experience but the team also did very well at camp.  They had 9 All-American Nominees, received a bid to NCA Nationals and received Superior ribbons, the highest available, on their end of camp performances.  We can’t wait for next summer.

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