1st Annual Jamie Stymiest Invitational

Updated: March 8, 2017

Thank you to everyone who helped make this meet a big success!

Special thanks to Action Gymnastics, Stallone Gymnastics and Roth’s CrossPoint Gymnastics for coming out to our 1st Annual Jamie Stymiest Invitational we appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you again next year. 

About Jamie Stymiest

 Jamie Stymiest came to Will-Moor in the early 1990s and he brought with him his larger than life personality. Jamie became familiar with Will-Moor through his friendship with Kim Bonus and his admiration for Lois Musgrave. Kim and Jamie had worked together in many gyms in the tri-state area and had developed enormous respect for one another. He became one of the pillars upon which the gym stood and had an indelible impact on everyone he came into contact with.

When Lois became sick Jamie became one of her main caregivers. When Kim returned from Pittsburgh he became her rock in the gym. During all of this he never lost sight of his love of gymnastics. Jamie was primarily a team coach but he gave his all to whatever level he was teaching. Whether it was an elite level gymnast or a Mom and Me Jamie gave every ounce of himself.

 When we lost Jamie it was a shock to everyone. His love and dedication is still felt by those who knew him and after all these years he is sorely missed. He will always be our beloved friend.


Photo Gallery from the meet displaying some photos from the meet



All images can be found on Will-Moor’s Flickr album for this event, feel free to download the images you like.

Jamie Stymiest Invitational 2017


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