Alberto Iriarte

Updated: November 16, 2019
Highly Decorated Elite Gymnast 

Coming from the Colombian National Gymnastics team, Alberto Iriarte brings a strong training philosophy to Will-Moor Gymnastics. Alberto was a member of the Notre de Santander  gymnastics team as an extraordinary elite level gymnast. He is now training at Will-Moor Gymnastics and we are proudly looking forward to Alberto competing in such prestigious competitions such as the 2020 Valeri Liukin Invitational, the Houston National Invitational, Twin Cities Invite & 2020 Clover Classic. 

Alberto possesses many qualities: strength, power, balance, and flexibility are some of the most important. He also has psychological attributes such as the ability to compete under pressure, the courage to attempt risky skills, and the discipline and work ethic to practice the same routine many times.

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